Leanne (left), Aaron (middle) and Sarah (right). Happy clients, happy RESULTS!  

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12-Week ADVANCED Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!

In this unique, hand-crafted program by coach / competitor Karen McCoy (left, age 55), Karen pulls out all the stops to teach you how to train, eat, live and think like an ATHLETE, at ANY AGE! With this level of intensity, we focus on building shapely muscle, while learning the in's and out's of HIGH LEVEL training and nutrition! All the secrets are OUT in this program!

Serious training for the serious woman wanting serious results! It's all about building sexy, shapely muscle! 

PHASE 1: Building the Machine - FOCUS CARDS, Power Words, supplementation, and clean shopping, plus a 4-Day Split training program

PHASE 2: Burning the FAT - Metabolism, sports supplements, pre and post workout nutrition and HIIT / Sprint cardio in a 5-Day Split!

PHASE 3: Nuts 'n Bolts - Advanced eating and Training methods at its finest! For the Advanced woman athlete, a MUST!

PHASE 4: Takin' it to the Streets!  - 5-6 days of training, the Perfect Day, the Perfect Plate and more!

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